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Since 1952 our products have been at the forefront of the metal finishing industry. Electro-Glo provides advanced, long life products used around the world. Often cited as the electropolishing solution of choice in patents ranging from medical implants and surgical devices, to large tank polishing. Our line of proprietary solutions have been developed and formulated for a variety of metals, giving you the highest finish quality in the shortest amount of polishing time. See our Products page to select the solution that is right for your needs.

Price quotes and publication requests, including SDS can be submitted by clicking Request Quote or emailing us at service@electro-glo.com

Alloys of the following metals are polished by the Electro-Glo line of solutions:

  • Silicon free Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Titanium
  • Iron  (e.g. Alloy 42)
  • Molybdenum

  • Industries served by electropolishing include:

  • Consumer products - Improved aesthetics, reduced soil/bacteria retention, easier cleaning
  • Vacuum chambers - Electropolishing reduces time required to achieve high vacuum by hours
  • Welded components - Remove blue discoloration caused by welding and high heat
  • Machined components - Remove ridges and burrs
  • Mirror and heat reflective surfaces - Satellite telescopes to ThermosTM lining, electropolishing can produce ultra high reflectivity
  • Medical implants - Electropolishing is the industry standard for implants. Reduced infection and reduced rejection of the device
  • Medical equipment - Reduction of drag on sutures, needles, scalpels. Cleaner surface, vigorously resists bacteria growth
  • Electroplating - Electropolish pre-treatment improves adhesion of electroplate deposits  
  • Bearings and bearing-less joints - Reduced friction and wear
  • Hazardous/radioactive material transfer and containment - Reduced contamination and improved decontamination properties
  • Structural and load bearing - Electropolishing removes surface stress
  • Electrical/Electronic/Semiconductors - Improved conductivity, corrosion resistance
  • Research - Develop ultra-thin metal films
  • Defense & Aerospace divisions, improved cryogenic properties
  • Tanks / pipes, Food storage / Processing, Chemical storage / Processing

  • Patents Containing Electro-Glo

  • Surgical needles and manufacture of same 1962
  • Tissue penetrating trocar, or probe end 2016
  • Method of electropolishing medical implants 2010
  • Method of surface finishing orthopedic implant device, 1991
  • Method and apparatus for polishing the inner surface of metallic tubing 1991
  • Degradable medical device 2007
  • Reduced wire profile stent 2012
  • Means for Electropolishing Denture Frames 1973
  • Expandable stents, and method for making the same
  • Automated electropolishing process
  • Method for Plating Fine Grain Copper Deposit on Metal Substrate